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Life Experience in Başakport

The family life of an urban person was addressed as

24 hours. The ”Home” was redesigned not for the purpose of housing, but for living. Integrated  with social spaces, “Home Life” was redefined  a peaceful life experience. 


Privileges For You

At Başakport, the service and experience that gives real value to a project

has been reconstructed.

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At Başakport, you will be able to access easily many services that will make your life easier, such as Domestic Discounted Airport Transfer Services, Car Rental Services, Professional Travel Advisory Services, In-Apartment Cleaning and Technical Support Services, Private Chauffeur Services, and Dry Cleaning.


Wellness &
Healthy Life 

A healthy life, filled with sports activities, where you will relieve all the tiredness of the day and spend quality time by yourself with the Indoor Swimming Pool, Fitness, Sauna and Turkish Bath is at your fingertips.

Swimming Pool

You can make a fresh start to the day or have pleasant moments with your children in the indoor swimming pool.

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A special Children’s Playroom and outdoor parks have been designed for children at Başakport where they can enjoy everything to the fullest. At Başakport, surrounded by parks, your children will thrive both physically and emotionally.


Everything Is At Your Fingertips
In Your New Life In Başakport



You can sip your first coffee of the day in a stylish cafe by only taking your elevator down to the bazaar, just a few floors below. “Happiness must have something to do with breakfast.” As if you are true to this word, you can have your breakfast with your family without having to go far, or host your friends in elite restaurants that offer special gourmet delicacies.

Businesses that will enrich and facilitate your daily life, such as cafes, restaurants, a grocery store and a hairdresser, are located just below your home.


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