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Timeless Architecture Which Will Always Remain Modern And New

Başakport, was designed with an architectural perspective that will always remain new. Starting from the facade, you can see the traces of this approach in every point of the structure. Functionality was integrated into a building with character.

Ekran Resmi 2022-02-26 03.00.25.png

Creating a project based in Başakşehir, which makes having a quiet and peaceful life away from the chaos of Istanbul possible, gives a different sense of responsibility to the architect. We have built a lifestyle in Başakport based on the philosophy of

“A Peaceful Life” for families.

Social equipment such as an indoor swimming pool, sauna, Turkish bath, fitness room, children’s game room and masjid were also built with this approach.


We have added large balconies to the apartments that integrate with the landscape and where the residents may live in with pleasure. We have made Başakport one of the
centers of Başakşehir’s social life by giving place to gourmet restaurants and exclusive cafes on the ground.


We drew inspiration from İstanbul’s most peaceful and calm neighbourhood: Başakşehir.

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Spacious Balconies And Terraces Where You Can Enjoy The Landscape

Convenient interior arrangements are complemented by spacious balconies and terraces, which reinforce the feeling of spaciousness.

High Windows That Let The Sunshine In

The rooms were designed as spacious and bright spaces with high windows that let the sunshine in.

Floor Height Of
3 Meters

The width and spaciousness of a house is also connected to its capacity. In Başakport, spacious living rooms’, kitchens’ and rooms’ capacities were increased. Comfort was intensified in both horizontal and vertical; floor heights were designed to be 3 gross meters.


Başakport was created as different types of apartments that appeal to “Family Life with Children”. The spaces have been made more functional with different square meters designed in ideal sizes which will meet the needs of the customers.


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